Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Our Solutions

We create products and services that help you reach your business goals more efficiently. And we do it all, from A to Z by providing end-to-end solutions including software and hardware. But before we do anything we put on our thinking hats and take a good deep look at your industry, then, we match it with one of our products or services that fit it seamlessly. And if nothing we have works, we will reimagine everything, and, create a customized product or service just for you. And we’ve done that for over 100 clients worldwide, including top US Fortune 500 companies such as PayPal and Subway. 

Supply Chain Management and Food Safety Compliance

The GO suite

Case Study: Food safety made real safe!

Is quality control and food safety for your restaurants just too time-consuming? A little bit too much leeway for human error? Not cost-effective enough? Draining all your resources?

How we solved it : 

All of those questions can be answered with Go Suite. Go Suite is a bundle of 4 different products we created for the food supply chain, with a special focus on food safety. With GoTemp, GoVentory, GoOps and GoEnergy you can enjoy the latest technologies in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Blockchain. Go suite is an award-winning solution that ensures food safety for more than 7 million consumers on a daily basis. This comprehensive solution covers all aspects of supply chain: ordering and procurement, returns and recalls, food safety management, food preparation, asset management and maintenance, inventory management, equipment monitoring, and food traceability. 

Why choose Go Suite by CME? 

Because it is the only fully integrated solution across all aspects of the food supply chain. Go suite is a three-time award-winning solution, used in more than 35,000 locations in 17 different languages. Today, Go Suite is processing $5 billion worth of supply orders annually. 

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Healthcare Benefits Administration and Claims management


Case Study: Increased efficiency in the health sector!

TPAs have always worked the hardest, what between, clients wanting to increase profits and cut costs, and, patients wanting better coverage and quicker approvals, it was always difficult to keep their heads above water. 

How we solved it : 

So we created HIIP, the most advanced benefit administration and claims processing automation system for third party administrators. It brings together hospital administration processes, pre-authorizations and claims all onto one platform. So insurance companies, hospitals and patients can easily get updated information through intelligent alerts, instant on-screen reporting and different real-time notifications. 

Why choose HIIP by CME? 

because HIIP is built to be a micro-service architecture, allowing ease of integration, enhanced security levels, scalability, workflow customization and cloud adoption. Basically, its built to do it all! Additionally, it promotes wellness through gamification and wearables. And through its advanced AI engine, it easily detects fraud, waste or abuse. So rest assured, with HIIP you’re getting all the right coverage. Every time. Have a look at the video or request a meeting to discuss all the healthy details.

Re-imagining energy data governance with MIND by CME

MIND for Energy

Case Study: Utilities Performance Monitoring in real-time!

In the past energy was analyzed through independent silos, making it almost impossible to consolidate and determine energy usage in towns, cities or even countries. 

How we solved it : 

Imagine you can monitor energy on a wide scale in real-time! So we centralized everything, we combined data science and visualization techniques to enable real-time performance monitoring, plants reliability optimization and predictive maintenance. MIND, brings together data from different resources into real-time dashboards and it is personalized. With MIND, partners can benefit from centralized access and real time availability of data on any connected device. 

Why choose MIND by CME? 

Because MIND is an open architecture system, which means it is easily extendable to support additional data sources and data visualization components. Also, all the data collected is available in real-time on any connected device, and it is fully traceable. And, MIND is currently being used by the largest power plants in the world. Have a look at the video for all the mind-blowing details or request a demo. 

RESONANCE for business

Check out how we execute master strategic plans & visualize value creation through our entire team

Does your company feel like it comes to a halt every time it comes to Performance Review Season? Do your employees constantly feel undervalued? Are your managers always reluctant to review their employees? 

How we solved it : 

Its time to turn Performance Reviews into a Performance Celebration. With Resonance you can. It is a tried and tested cloud-based talent software program that both encourages employees and gets business results. It is the only performance review platform that aligns corporate strategy objectives, project management objectives and employee career objectives. And it evolves as the business goals evolve or change. 

Why choose RESONANCE by CME? 

Because RESONANCE is the only tool out there that aligns your corporate strategy with project management with individual career development goals. The beauty of RESONANCE is it’s AI engine, through AI it is able to reduce feedback time by 70%, without jeopardizing its relevancy or reliability. And, this program is designed to cater specifically to mid to large management and technology consulting firms.