Around the world, successful utility management in today’s competitive industry requires keeping demand and supply in balance, mitigating risk, and minimizing unplanned downtime by making smart decisions based on accurate operational data.

In the past, there were too many unrelated data silos hosted on various platforms, affecting data quality and availability, analysis, extraction and monitoring and leading to a lack of a single version of the truth.  But what if the utility is operating in multiple locations, with an increasing volume of the data points collected every second?

To bridge the gap, CME created MIND, a utility-wide data management solution that consolidates the data into real-time and intuitive data visualization dashboards. Mind delivers utility scorecards to executives at the right time, and puts insights in the hands of managers to leverage the value of the collected information and optimize the planning and decision-making processes.

By combining data with business intelligence, Mind empowers the stakeholders in utilities to shift from maintenance-based processes to prevention and predictability. It reveals areas for optimization to make the most of the resources and transform the operational costs.



Mind's open architecture makes it scalable and extendable to connect with most of the utility-level data sources and CMMS, no matter where they live. It provides secure, accurate and reliable data in addition to condition-based monitoring that ensures all stakeholders are rightly informed at all times.

It takes intricate processes to keep a utility running, but only the right MIND can ensure it does so seamlessly, efficiently and at its full potential.