The SubVentory Applications wins the Subway® restaurants’2016 Technology Award 

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Beirut, September 2016: CME announced today that it has received the 2016 Technology Vendor of the Year Award from global quick service restaurant brand SUBWAY® and their franchisee-owned Independent Purchasing Corporation Cooperative (IPC). IPC is devoted to achieving the highest level of quality in all SUBWAY® franchises around the world.
CME, a multi-national firm specializing in the development of technology solutions, created and provides the SubVentory application to the SUBWAY® brand. The application plays a key role in helping SUBWAY® franchisees operate their restaurants and improve profitability by streamlining product ordering.

CME USA’s President and CEO Daniel Riscalla commented on the award stating, "This award is dedicated to all the brilliant engineers who invent technology solutions that are adopted by international corporations. The SubVentory application is the result of years of hard work in understanding the challenges of managing the operation at a quick service restaurant. After bringing together a talented group of engineers, the team was able to develop the best product, regarded by our customers as the ultimate game changer. I am very happy that SubVentory was designed and brought to life by a group of young engineers. "

Wissam Youssef, CME Lebanon’s General Manager also added: "We are so proud that we have succeeded in serving global leaders like Subway restaurants and many others, while also maintaining a high quality of service, offering exceptional value-ad, and demonstrating the abilities of young Lebanese talents. Our team is constantly striving for knowledge as well as turning entrepreneurial ideas into a tangible reality”. Youssef also pointed out that, “CME is in the process of rolling out a new revolutionary IoT product which we believe will be our next success story”.

SubVentory is a mobile application that automates and simplifies the inventory and ordering process for SUBWAY® restaurant franchisees. The app allows a franchisee to capture their inventory and deliveries quickly and submit their weekly product orders, efficiently using a mobile device. The app incorporate heuristics to help the inventory and ordering processes and automatically update the points of sale system SubVentory  helps reduce waste , prevents  common clerical mistakes, and produces accurate cost of good metrics..

“The SubVentory app is a valuable tool for the dedicated restaurant owners that own over 44,000 SUBWAY® restaurants. Their team understands the needs of the restaurant owners and continue to evolve their solutions and processes to support the restaurant owners,” said Carman Wenkoff, the Chief Digital & Information Officer for SUBWAY® restaurants.