RESONANCE for business

RESONANCE for business

Check out how we execute master strategic plans & visualize value creation through our entire team

Does your company feel like it comes to a halt every time it comes to Performance Review Season? Do your employees constantly feel undervalued? Are your managers always reluctant to review their employees? 

How we solved it : 

Its time to turn Performance Reviews into a Performance Celebration. With Resonance you can. It is a tried and tested cloud-based talent software program that both encourages employees and gets business results. It is the only performance review platform that aligns corporate strategy objectives, project management objectives and employee career objectives. And it evolves as the business goals evolve or change. 

Why choose RESONANCE by CME? 

Because RESONANCE is the only tool out there that aligns your corporate strategy with project management with individual career development goals. The beauty of RESONANCE is it’s AI engine, through AI it is able to reduce feedback time by 70%, without jeopardizing its relevancy or reliability. And, this program is designed to cater specifically to mid to large management and technology consulting firms.