MIND for Energy

Re-imagining energy data governance with MIND by CME

MIND for Energy

Case Study: Utilities Performance Monitoring in real-time!

In the past energy was analyzed through independent silos, making it almost impossible to consolidate and determine energy usage in towns, cities or even countries. 

How we solved it : 

Imagine you can monitor energy on a wide scale in real-time! So we centralized everything, we combined data science and visualization techniques to enable real-time performance monitoring, plants reliability optimization and predictive maintenance. MIND, brings together data from different resources into real-time dashboards and it is personalized. With MIND, partners can benefit from centralized access and real time availability of data on any connected device. 

Why choose MIND by CME? 

Because MIND is an open architecture system, which means it is easily extendable to support additional data sources and data visualization components. Also, all the data collected is available in real-time on any connected device, and it is fully traceable. And, MIND is currently being used by the largest power plants in the world. Have a look at the video for all the mind-blowing details or request a demo.