Healthcare Benefits Administration and Claims management


Case Study: Increased efficiency in the health sector!

TPAs have always worked the hardest, what between, clients wanting to increase profits and cut costs, and, patients wanting better coverage and quicker approvals, it was always difficult to keep their heads above water. 

How we solved it : 

So we created HIIP, the most advanced benefit administration and claims processing automation system for third party administrators. It brings together hospital administration processes, pre-authorizations and claims all onto one platform. So insurance companies, hospitals and patients can easily get updated information through intelligent alerts, instant on-screen reporting and different real-time notifications. 

Why choose HIIP by CME? 

because HIIP is built to be a micro-service architecture, allowing ease of integration, enhanced security levels, scalability, workflow customization and cloud adoption. Basically, its built to do it all! Additionally, it promotes wellness through gamification and wearables. And through its advanced AI engine, it easily detects fraud, waste or abuse. So rest assured, with HIIP you’re getting all the right coverage. Every time. Have a look at the video or request a meeting to discuss all the healthy details.