The GO suite

Supply Chain Management and Food Safety Compliance

The GO suite

Case Study: Food safety made real safe!

Is quality control and food safety for your restaurants just too time-consuming? A little bit too much leeway for human error? Not cost-effective enough? Draining all your resources?

How we solved it : 

All of those questions can be answered with Go Suite. Go Suite is a bundle of 4 different products we created for the food supply chain, with a special focus on food safety. With GoTemp, GoVentory, GoOps and GoEnergy you can enjoy the latest technologies in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Blockchain. Go suite is an award-winning solution that ensures food safety for more than 7 million consumers on a daily basis. This comprehensive solution covers all aspects of supply chain: ordering and procurement, returns and recalls, food safety management, food preparation, asset management and maintenance, inventory management, equipment monitoring, and food traceability. 

Why choose Go Suite by CME? 

Because it is the only fully integrated solution across all aspects of the food supply chain. Go suite is a three-time award-winning solution, used in more than 35,000 locations in 17 different languages. Today, Go Suite is processing $5 billion worth of supply orders annually. 

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