Archive - 2019

Submitted by CME on 11 June 2019

While businesses have flocked to slick apps and productivity suites to optimize human relations logistics, marketing, and other profit-driving operations, #maintenance departments are often running on pen and paper, or at best, Excel. Check out how to maximize #fieldservice efficiency through #mobile #technology #digitalTransformation and #ProcessAutomation.

Submitted by CME on 14 May 2019

With an increasing number of employers turning to self-funded health insurance for their workers, businesses are in need of technology solutions to help them administer health benefits and manage claims. Check out the 4 main #technology requirements for a successful deployment and management of self-funded health plans. #healthcare #insurance #benefitsadministration #claimsmanagement


Submitted by CME on 27 April 2019

An increasing number of restaurants and other food service businesses including airlines are looking to technology solutions to ward off the potentially devastating consequences of human errors in the arena of food safety. Check out how CME and ZippyYum are using IoT and Blockchain to address this challenge!