Re-Thinking Career Development


19 May 2018

Employee forward-looking

Research has shown that setting goals and committing to achieving them is the fundamental key to success. Whether it is New Year's resolution, losing weight or quarterly sales target, goals help individuals and organizations create the future in advance of it actually happening.

On the one hand, individuals seek the opportunity for growth and development at work. On the other hand, companies develop organizational missions which serve as foundational guides and critical elements of their strategies. But how can companies deliver results against those strategies while at the same time help the team stay engaged, motivated and productive?

At CME, we put in place a career growth framework that takes into consideration the team members' personal career aspirations and aligns them with the company's future needs and missions. It empowers the team individuals to grow their capabilities and helps them move ahead to the next level in their career while working together as a team towards implementing our strategies to become game-changers for our customers. This game-changer framework by itself, for CME at the first place, is built around defining the core competencies, goal-setting as key practice, rea-time feedback and forward-looking.

CME has designed and developed a software solution to support this framework. This solution increases transparency in the company and improves the team engagement by tying daily work to overall company goals. It offers real-time tracking to prevent goals from cascading in the wrong direction and help the company and the team envision and focus on redefining their future.

CME will soon launch the new career growth framework as a practice for other small and midsized businesses, coupled with a software solution that helps them implement, track and report on progress for successful strategical achievements.

We can’t change the past. We can create the future.

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