Our Story

“What if we flipped the script on everything?”

We Reimagine Everything. We are here to challenge the status quo, flip the script, and, blur all the lines, in order to provide you with customized tech solutions, spanning across software to hardware, so you can become and remain a high performer in your industry. We, at CME, are a team of over 300 engineers from around the world. With one shared goal: to leverage and crisscross technology, creative thinking, and industry-specific expertise.
In other words, our solutions simply pair industry specializations with the right technology. Our expert engineers have paired F&B inventory with real-time technology, mother nature’s powers with Artificial Intelligence and even individual career growth patterns with cloud based platforms. And they’ve developed those innovative tech solutions for over 100 clients worldwide, including top US Fortune 500 companies such as PayPal and Subway.

We know every industry has its own rules, boundaries and opportunities. So, to do right by our clients, we rolled up our sleeves and delved into all their industries such as the healthcare, retail, insurance, telecom, energy, insurance and market research. Then, we reimagined everything. And we must have done something right, because our end-to-end solutions has helped us establish a golden track record across different domains and industries.
With the rise of industrial and commercial IOT, we, are proud to be at the forefront of this tidal wave. We are capable of providing end-to-end solutions across different disciplines. Therefore, we guarantee premium quality services at the highest standards, for a lower cost. And you will almost always be working with familiar faces because we only witness a 7-8% turnover as opposed to an industry benchmark of 20%. That means you will get a team behind you that is dedicated, professionally capable and in pursuit of coming up with a mind-blowing solution that puts your business on top of the game. What would you like to reimagine?